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09:43pm 01/07/2005
mood: awake
Today i played tennis with mike, erin, and nikki. I did pretty well n i had a good time.later mike got hungry so we walked up to McDonald's n i payed b kuz no 1 had money n i wanted to n i felt bad 4 being mean to erin earlier (P.S sorry Erin)and after that we all went to my house and talked.

Yesterday soccer was canceled as i ran the track the played tennis. later that day i went to nikkis with erin and we talked sang and danced.it was kool. then we all walked to Kaitys corner. i got a chocolate shake.it took like a hour almost to walk both ways. erin had to pee the whole way back.lol.Then we hung out at nikkis some more. Erin dressed up while me n nikki watched pimp my ride.that was a sweet yellow car.then i came back home n slept.

I Love U Erin

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The Events of a Uneventful Day   
11:22pm 29/06/2005
mood: already asleep
Ok today was pretty boring but not so bad, i was goin to play tennis with nikki erin and mike at 4:30 but we couldnt and we tried again at 7:30 but it was ok. i played and i have soccer at 9:30 tomorrow so that will b interesting.We r running. I have a long day tomorrow so i need to go to bed.

Ill update tomorrow 2

I Love Erin

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A Wishful Thinker   
05:16pm 25/06/2005
mood: calm
ok ill start of with yesterday,it was awesome I didnt do much until like 2 and thats when I went over Erin's house and we played some tennis with her lil bro n I totally stomped both of them .Then we played mystery mansion n monopoly n I won monopoly and won 1 of the 2 mystery mansion then I just hung out in Erin's basement until I had dinner at Erin"s house with her family it was pretty kool then hung out more in the basement then i went home and got ready n slept over mikes we rode over to davis on bikes(i rode his moms sweet hoopdy bike that was just less than 30 years older than me)and played some soccer b4 it got dark then went to coaches ice cream(run by davis's athletic coaches)and got some ice cream then biked all the way back. mike biked into a bush lol. after that we made milk shakes then played video games then slept.

today i woke up to my cell phone goin off n i had to wake up n go home to get ready 4 DeMolay congress .i had to go kuz i was 1 of the 5 representing our DeMolay chapter (Named Roseville Chapter). So i got ready picked up Danny (1 of the other 5) and went to discuss important stuff about DeMolay in a small room in lansing filled with like 600 people.o i forgot to mention the room wasnt air conditioned.it sucked it lasted 4 hours. then i came home and my toaster shorted a socket and fried its self. Now i am updatin.

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its Survey time   
11:11am 22/06/2005
mood: hyper
What's your favorite....
Beverage (non-alc) ?root beer
Beverage (alc) ?rum n coke
Color ?orange
Food ?idk i really dont have 1
Item of clothing ?boxers
Meal of the day ?breakfast
Feature on yourself ?six pack n eyes
Quality in a guy/girl ?funny and pretty
Phrase ?i have like 20
Song ?build me up butter cup... dont ask
Musical Artist/Band ?petey pablo
Sport ?soccer
Movie ?idk
TV Show ?ne thing on comedy central and mtv
Radio Station ?95.5
Type of Chocolate ?herseys
Eye Color ?blue
Do you/Have you ever....
Have any pets ?dog
Smoke ?not really
Drink ?yes
Have any piercings ?nope
Have any tatoos ?no
Cheat on a boyfriend/girlfriendsemi
Had sex ?no
Gone streaking ?yup not goin to talk about it
Gone skinny dipping ?yes
Been to Europe ?yup france
Been to an island ?yes sir the bahamas
Had stitches ?no
Broken any bones ?i chippes my eye bone
Been stabbed/shot ?like 36 times each
Slept until after 12:00 ?no
Stayed up all night ?6 times i can think of
Danced like a whore ?unfortunatly
Hooked up with 2 people in one weekend ?depends what u mean
Turned down a dare ?it was running around around the house naked and peeing on the nieghbors door
Which friend....
Is the funniest ?all of my friends have a good sence of humor
Is the prettiest ?they r all sexy beasts
Is the most handsom ?no coment
Is the loudest ?Dj
Is the craziest ?nikki
Is the most shy ?i dont know manny shy people
Is the most loving ?my sister when we get along
Is the most understanding ?idk no 1 comes 2 mind
Is the most boring ?we r all exciting people
Is the richest ?tara n dom n richy
Is the most athletic ?me n steffana
Is the most cocky ?me
Is the biggest sex icon ?what? lol
Is the most wordly/cultured ?mike
Do you look up to the most ?i dont really look up to alot of friends
Do you tell everything to ?no 1 really
Has the best clothes ?me
Lie to your boyfriend/girlfriend ?yes i have
Lie to your best friend ?yup
Give a homeless person money ?already have like 15 times even tho they prolly just buy drugs with it
Run from the police ?depends if he was fat
Bungee jump ?yes
Sky dive ?of course
Cross dress ?who hasnt...jk
Be an exotic dancer ?already am
Walk out of a restaurant without paying ?ya
Scuba dive ?i did in mexico and flordia
Go rock climbing ?no
Go spulunking (caving) ?i have apsolutly no idiea what that is
What do you think of when you hear....
Eminem ?candy
Bologna ?turkey
Hott ?women
Orange ?flordia
Real world ?the show
Fuck ?swearing
Jack ?cracker jacks
Cucumber ?lol no coment man is that random
Hip-Hop ?music
Uniform ?sports
UniCORN ! ?marry go rounds
Rainbow ?leppercons
Clown ?thing


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shE is moRe addIctive theN a drug   
08:58am 19/06/2005
mood: hyper
ok Yesterday was pretty good i finished Napoleon Dynamite then we rented sideways they were both good then i talked to erin online for 3 hours n had a interesting convo.b4 all that i ran about a mile.Now im just about to shower n get ready for fathers day.

1 <3 u Erin

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Every time i open my mouth theRe Is no oNe to speak to   
07:19pm 16/06/2005
mood: sad
Well today i had more soccer try outs.i did alright. i didnt really do ne thing else the rest of the day. i just talked online and played b-ball and soccer.PrETty BoRiNg.pretty sucky day actually.

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I would take over the world but its to much work   
10:13pm 15/06/2005
mood: damn tired
Today was a typical summer day I just lounged around and waited for things to happen but nothing really did.I had soccer try outs for my team that i am already on(The Rochester Magic)so im for sure on the the team but the only question is if im goin to play a year up and against 15 year olds (U16's)or stay on the same age level but I think I will end up playin a year up. I did well at the try outs the person I was guarding didnt score and I took the ball from him even before he got the ball half of the time so that is a plus. It rained the whole time tho. Then I talked to nikki and mara online and played some video games. After all of that I played monopoly and my sis won but I beat mom so it was ok.

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the Way I should Love her   
08:35pm 14/06/2005
mood: devious
lets see i already updated about the morning so im goin to update on the after noon. later today i went to the mall with my mom my sis and my self. my mom got me a pair of sunglasses ,a wallet ,and 3 hollister shirts(pretty fricken sweet huh)then i came home and beat my mom in some monopoly. after that we all went out and had some chinese and then i came home and then i talked online a little bit with Erin and Nikki and now im sittin here with the nba finals about to begin.

i <3 Miss Erin Colombo

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soccer practice n such   
11:45am 14/06/2005
mood: slightly sleepedy
hey i never really update but im goin to try this live journal stuff out 1 more time,ok lets see today i went and had soccer practice with the varsity kid and all. It was pretty fun and i think that i can make JV next year at HFII.It was pretty easy and i scored so i think that i did really well.then i got all cleaned up now im a updatin.

yesterday i didnt do much because it was a rainy day but mike came over because we spent the night the night before that one so we tried monopoly and played some soccer and watched Napoleon Dynamite so it was pretty fricken sweet if u ask me.Then after that i talked on aim with all of other rained out friends. Then i went to got ready 4 and went to DeMolay and it was a advisory council meeting and i had some good ideas but jon didnt show up again so i dont know about him.

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i can slow down but my life never stops   
12:21pm 12/03/2005
mood: very relaxed and acceptin
Ya i have updated in a really long time cuz a number of things.#1 i forgot my i had a life journal.#2 i forgot my password.#3 My soccer season never stops= every wednesday and every saturday.#4 basket ball started up=1 game and one practice a week.#5 i decided i need to work harder at my grades.#6 i am now a councilor in DeMolay so there goes every monday each week and usually 1 more day a week 4 visitations.#7 track is also starting up soon and thats 5 days a week.#8 i have a expander so there is doctor,dentist,and ortho is = to once a month so thats .25 days per week.#9 i also have a social life that i have no free time so i must get all of my talking out at school and that infringes on #5.So in order to make things work i need a week with 20 days.

other than that i'm pretty ez goin so i thought id update so u guys wouldn't think i'm dead and all.

after all that i have nothing going on today except soccer today may b a wonderful day.

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quiz time   
07:44pm 04/03/2005
mood: complacent

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04:45pm 10/09/2004

Im pretty bored but its all good.Yep Im finally maken my first entry.Pretty lame,but who cares.I had a great day, i got so lucky the hole day i loved it.it was like a fuckin rollacoaster man.I just hopped right on and enjoyed the ride.I got slammed with hw the hole day ,it sucked really bad!!!im enjoying 1 of my like 7 free days this month.i need more of these and i dont care what it takes.o well this should b good for my fist entry.

i love erin

5:00 exactly

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