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A Wishful Thinker

ok ill start of with yesterday,it was awesome I didnt do much until like 2 and thats when I went over Erin's house and we played some tennis with her lil bro n I totally stomped both of them .Then we played mystery mansion n monopoly n I won monopoly and won 1 of the 2 mystery mansion then I just hung out in Erin's basement until I had dinner at Erin"s house with her family it was pretty kool then hung out more in the basement then i went home and got ready n slept over mikes we rode over to davis on bikes(i rode his moms sweet hoopdy bike that was just less than 30 years older than me)and played some soccer b4 it got dark then went to coaches ice cream(run by davis's athletic coaches)and got some ice cream then biked all the way back. mike biked into a bush lol. after that we made milk shakes then played video games then slept.

today i woke up to my cell phone goin off n i had to wake up n go home to get ready 4 DeMolay congress .i had to go kuz i was 1 of the 5 representing our DeMolay chapter (Named Roseville Chapter). So i got ready picked up Danny (1 of the other 5) and went to discuss important stuff about DeMolay in a small room in lansing filled with like 600 people.o i forgot to mention the room wasnt air conditioned.it sucked it lasted 4 hours. then i came home and my toaster shorted a socket and fried its self. Now i am updatin.
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