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soccer practice n such

hey i never really update but im goin to try this live journal stuff out 1 more time,ok lets see today i went and had soccer practice with the varsity kid and all. It was pretty fun and i think that i can make JV next year at HFII.It was pretty easy and i scored so i think that i did really well.then i got all cleaned up now im a updatin.

yesterday i didnt do much because it was a rainy day but mike came over because we spent the night the night before that one so we tried monopoly and played some soccer and watched Napoleon Dynamite so it was pretty fricken sweet if u ask me.Then after that i talked on aim with all of other rained out friends. Then i went to got ready 4 and went to DeMolay and it was a advisory council meeting and i had some good ideas but jon didnt show up again so i dont know about him.
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You haven't had any comments..so I will be your first! =)
Well thas about it!
Love you**