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Today i played tennis with mike, erin, and nikki. I did pretty well n i had a good time.later mike got hungry so we walked up to McDonald's n i payed b kuz no 1 had money n i wanted to n i felt bad 4 being mean to erin earlier (P.S sorry Erin)and after that we all went to my house and talked.

Yesterday soccer was canceled as i ran the track the played tennis. later that day i went to nikkis with erin and we talked sang and danced.it was kool. then we all walked to Kaitys corner. i got a chocolate shake.it took like a hour almost to walk both ways. erin had to pee the whole way back.lol.Then we hung out at nikkis some more. Erin dressed up while me n nikki watched pimp my ride.that was a sweet yellow car.then i came back home n slept.

I Love U Erin
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