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i can slow down but my life never stops

Ya i have updated in a really long time cuz a number of things.#1 i forgot my i had a life journal.#2 i forgot my password.#3 My soccer season never stops= every wednesday and every saturday.#4 basket ball started up=1 game and one practice a week.#5 i decided i need to work harder at my grades.#6 i am now a councilor in DeMolay so there goes every monday each week and usually 1 more day a week 4 visitations.#7 track is also starting up soon and thats 5 days a week.#8 i have a expander so there is doctor,dentist,and ortho is = to once a month so thats .25 days per week.#9 i also have a social life that i have no free time so i must get all of my talking out at school and that infringes on #5.So in order to make things work i need a week with 20 days.

other than that i'm pretty ez goin so i thought id update so u guys wouldn't think i'm dead and all.

after all that i have nothing going on today except soccer today may b a wonderful day.
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